• Sharping drum
    DYXK after many years of accumulation, the development of shaping drum is widely used in passenger tires, truck tires, engineering, tires...

  • Tire mold
    Tire mold mainly include: agricultural tires, industrial solid tires, aircraft tires, motorcycle tires, the two halves of the mold, and by using adjustable die series tire and truck tire...

  • Shaping drum partner
    Mainly used for Sharping drum, maintenance, testing, storage and rapid replacement of parts, and other services.

  • Tiye building machine
    DE yuan rubber after years in the tire industry experience, continue to provide high quality motorcycle tire automatic FanBao forming machine...

  • Molding machine tooling
    DE yuan rubber by molding process research, developed the adsorption can make steel clamping ring, synchronization, high precision of concentric BT transfer ring...
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公司简介 DYXK.co.,Ltd is a science and technology company, which committed to the R & D and innovation of precision tools and solution of process of tyre building of tire enterprise.
DYXK based on the tire industry and actively explores the domestic market, accumulating a lot valuable technical.....
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